Monday, September 3, 2012

Boulder Brandywine Tomato Update

In my previous post, I showed the drying tomatoes. Here is the other tomato that is producing. Pink Brandywine. I have been saving seeds from this strain for 6 years. This plant started from seed into a peat pot then transplanted into a new bed which was previously covered with carpeting and wood chips (previous property owner). Into the pure clay I mixed in lots of compost.
Brandywine Aug. 26, 2012
This plant got a new cage but the pumpkin vine climbed through and pulled in down
Brandywine August 26, 2012

So far the weights are:
1.05 lbs
.55 lbs.
.74 lbs
.5 lbs
.83 lbs

BLT w/Avacado...Yum!

Spaghetti sauce, BLT's, Tacos. The best tasting tomatoes ever!
This is the .55 pounder!

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