Saturday, October 6, 2012

October Tomato Update

After a record hot summer fall has arrived, as has our first frost. October 4th was the first light frost in Boulder, CO. Tonight, Oct 6th, it is expected to hard freeze. I picked the rest of the tomatoes. While most of the plants died most likely due to being planted into beds with too fresh horse manure, the Amish Brandywine did very well. This plant was planted in a new bed with plenty of compost, but no manure. This was also the last tomato planted into the garden. The previous post has a "mid season" update but here are the final numbers. These tomato weights are all in pounds. The first harvest was the last few days in July and the final harvest (due to frost warning) was Oct 4th.
1.05, .55, .74, .50, .83, .44, .66, .63, .38, .53, .59, .68,
And the final harvest on Oct. 4th:
.76, .89, .80, .55, .86, .74, .79, .55, .47, .73, .34 all ripe

and additional green tomatoes weighing a combined 6.72 lbs

That comes to 15.06 pounds of ripe plus 6.72 green = 21.78 pounds from one plant. This plant was planted from a seed saved from last years crop.
Now That's BIG YIELDS!

Here is the garden the next morning, Oct. 5, 2012, the Brandywine plant is to the left in the photo, just to the left of the tall green steel posts with white tops. The spot gets direct sun most day except for a shade period from the pine tree, left most by shed. The shade happened during the hottest part of the day for about 2 hours then sun again till dark. The fence and wall run almost directly East to West.

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