Sunday, August 26, 2012

Its the last week of August and the warm weather vegetables are coming in. This year I am trying a new variety of tomato. I choose Principe Borghese from Botanical Interests
Its a variety from Italy, grown specifically for drying. I started from seed and planted the seedlings May 21, 2012. I planted four seedlings into an area of the garden that I worked horse manure and added woodchips on top as a mulch several months earlier. It turned out too hot because two of the four plants died after growing. just a little bit. Three of four roma plants on the other side of the garden did the same. I guess I learned my lesson with regards to manure.

Yesterday I harvested my first load of tomatoes.
I washed and quartered them into the dehydrator.
And after eating several small handfuls, here is what I was let with.
A full sandwich bag. I would estimate there is at least two times as many green tomatoes still one the two surviving plants.

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