Sunday, December 29, 2013

Garden Trellis

My main walk in my garden is next to the fence at the North most end of the garden. The walk is being taken over by my back neighbor's peach tree. My neighbors told me they are okay with me trimming the branches on my side of the fence. Since they are directly North of us, the peach tree naturally grows out direction. The peach tree is planted just a foot or two North of the 5 foot wooden fence.
Here are a few pictures showing the progression of the peach tree's growth this summer. This April we experienced a late deep freeze which killed all the blooms of all the neighborhood fruit trees. Last year this tree (and every other fruit tree) was loaded with fruit. When loaded with fruit the branches hang even lower.



Dec 2013 New Trellis

The back part near the fence supports the peach tree. I built that a couple of weeks ago. The front part, I built yesterday. I found the 2x4x 12's in the cull pile at Lowes.

Here is a sampling of what I hope to grow on the new trellis:

Yard Long bean tee-pee

A grip of Yard Long Beans

Green beans! In 2013, they climbed the amaranth, 2 sisters style!

Who knows I may even live on the edge and test out the structure with PUMPKINS!

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