Sunday, April 22, 2012

Who's that pupating in the garden?

A Pupa found in the garden April 22, 2012
I found this pupa (pupae?) in the garden while planting a row of green onions.
So what is it?
I think its a moth over wintering.
While I was taking the above picture some other criters starting running around.
I think its a clover mite above the pupa. There are a bunch of them. Officially Bryobia praetiosa if I am correct. Here's a close-up.

And here are the onions. 

They are grocery store green onions that I cut down to about 1.5 inches of the roots and re-sprouted in a glass with just enough water in it to keep the roots wet. I changed the water almost daily after I smelled it getting icky early in the process. They are pretty long, about a foot long, after about two weeks since taco night. I loosened the soil with my trusty hoe, that's how I found the pupae. plopped in the onions, took these pictures and then water them in.
The row had turnips over wintering, I didn't cover the turnips (Amber globe) and all but one expired over the winter. The beets (beet root / Detroit dark red) in the foreground, to the left of the bucket, fared about the same. Two survived. I suppose this means that I should cover them with mulch in future plantings.

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